Growth and Change

Our charming and well- established neighbourhoods need to be respected and preserved. New developments must align with our vision for a balanced and healthy community.



Establish a Community Improvement Plan (as defined by the Ontario Planning Act). This will give Council additional powers needed to move the Plains Road Village Vision to its next level and ensure the proposed new Mobility Hub fits in well.

Protect the rights of existing tenants during the proposed redevelopment of Georgian Court Estates. Advocate for a percentage of “affordable” units.

Insist on extensive public consultation concerning any redevelopment proposal related to the Brant Court Co-op on North Shore Blvd at the QEW.

Oppose any plan to sell off land from the Tyandaga Golf Course to developers.

The redevelopment plan for 2100 Brant Street needs to be reduced from 200 townhouses.

Ensure the widening of Waterdown Road is completed in a manner that is respectful of adjacent property owners.

Traffic and Transit

We are all challenged everyday with congestion. The answers are not simple.

Introduce more advanced technology for traffic signal control systems along Plains Road and Brant Street.

Stop talking about it and get on with building the proposed south service road.

In Maple, ensure continued vigilance in the monitoring of school buses that move too fast through local streets.

Invest in more public transit including handivan services.

Accommodating All Ages

The diversity of our population from millennials to seniors presents different needs, including housing needs.

Fight to establish a skateboard park for children in south Aldershot.

Work towards establishment of a second Burlington Seniors Centre (this one in Ward One)

Environmental Issues

We all share responsibility to protect our world for future generations.

Recommend that Council ask the province to review the proposed expansion of the Meridian Quarry in Tyandaga.

Continue to support the Cootes to Escarpment Eco Park System.

Pursue implementation of the entire Beach Master Plan.

Community Engagement

Ensure an open and healthy dialogue on issues.

Establish Citizen Advisory Groups in Tyandaga, Maple and Aldershot.